Why come to the conference? The awesome energy! And camaraderie. There is nothing like connecting and sharing knowledge and ideas with an amazing group of passionate women who are all so different yet so alike – have the same business bug as you, yet family is first priority.

-Suri Sicherman, Founder, Jumtext

The JWE conference is an opportunity to hear ideas and solutions that work. It’s like having access to a brain trust of hundreds of smart, creative minds, all at once.”

-Simi Green, Founder, DASMA Consulting  

I attended the very first JWE convention and have been looking forward to the next one each year. Networking and socializing with Jewish women just like me inspires me beyond words- to see the talent of so many women who manage to juggle Jewish family life (we all know what a big job that is) & also operate serious businesses, gives me the encouragement I need to bypass any burnout I may encounter throughout the year. Belonging to a group like this is a privilege & I am so grateful & proud to be one of JWE’s first attendants. Being a part of this group makes me feel that this entrepreneurship rollercoaster is achievable and can be fun! I always leave the conference with newfound strength.Thank you, JWE!

Chaya Ruchie Gross, Founder, Dynamic Kitchen Designs, attendee at the 2013,2014,and 2015 JWE conference  

It’s a serious business conference but it is also just so much fun. I’ve made the most incredible business connections but I’ve also made so many friends. Who would have thought there were so many women out there who “get me?” After attending in 2013, I was so impressed with the people and the organization that I started a JWE chapter in my city, which now has over 300 members!

-Rivka Lock, Co-Founder, Andrew Lock, Custom Menswear

We learned so much from the speakers. We’re talking real, practical business advice from women we never thought we could have access to. One of the speakers, Ariela Balk met with us individually at the conference and we have been able to lean on her as a resource long after the event. To have the kind of connection and support from someone like her, is invaluable to us.

-Chaya and Simi , Co-Founders, The Frock NYC

Why attend? Because the support I receive from meeting, networking, and learning among hundreds of other women like me, gives me the encouragement I need to propel my business forward and keep my momentum going.

Chaya Teitelbaum, Founder, Teitel Creative, JWE Monsey City Leader since 2013

At each conference there’s a feeling of unity with the women in the room. I have wondered to myself why that feeling lasts and empowers me – it’s because we are united in purpose: building our families, our communities, our faith – building Am Yisrael. — Judy Naamat, Senior Counsel, Locke Lord, LLP  

I went to the JWE 2014 Conference not knowing what to expect… my business has grown exponentially since that day. I met a mentor who has propelled my business to the next level. I got connected to funding, I made incredible connections. That day changed the face of my business completely.

Abbey Wolin, Founder, Not2Shabbey

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