Our Mission 

The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur (The JWE) is a national nonprofit organization that helps Jewish women leverage their creativity and capability to launch and grow successful businesses. Providing local collaborative support networks, business education and mentorship, the JWE bolsters business longevity, self-fulfillment, financial independence for women and their families, and job creation — promoting economic development in the Jewish and greater community.

Our Vision is a world in which every aspiring Jewish woman entrepreneur is empowered to dream, articulate and achieve her professional and personal goals.

We are a 501(c)3 Tax-exempt organization, Federal Tax ID Number: 46-203-5651.

Our Story 

Inspiration for The JWE began when its Founder, Chaya Appel-Fishman — at just 16 years old — launched her first business–a successful group of summer programs for local youth. Almost immediately, women from her community appeared with questions. “Why did you choose to become an LLC rather than an Inc.?” “How did you set up a website?” “How did you arrange the rental of space at the local college campus?”

The questions went on and on, mostly from women at least twice her age. Chaya quickly recognized that for many women, starting a business was daunting, especially for observant women who faced additional hurdles in the workspace — and sought to fulfill the great need to provide relevant support and empowerment. In 2011, she founded the JWE.

While the organization started as a website with resources and mentoring, it became a nonprofit in 2013, and since then has vastly expanded its services to include local city chapters and the only annual business conference for observant women in America. The JWE has expanded to include an incredible volunteer team of women — all of whom share Chaya’s vision of a world in which women have the support and resources to achieve their business and family dreams.