The JWE Mentorship program offers members a comprehensive mentorship experience – matching aspiring entrepreneurs with proven leaders who are “powerhouses” in business — to spark their chances for success. You can apply for a mentor by completing our online application.

Our Mentors are women volunteers who share their time, experiences, insight, and industry expertise.

Step One

  • Complete our Mentor Application if you are looking for a Mentor to help you.
  • Complete our Mentee Application if you are looking to volunteer as a Mentor for someone else.

Step Two

Once you have completed the application, a JWE mentor coordinator will reach out to you via email to set up a phone consultation.

If you are seeking a Mentor, during your phone consultation, the coordinator will work to better understand your immediate needs and determine an appropriate mentor to connect you with.

If you are volunteering to be a Mentor to someone else, our coordinator will spend some time understanding your strengths and will be available to answer your questions regarding the program.

Step Three

Congratulations, you have been matched! Based on the information you have provided to our coordinator, you will be matched with a Mentor who we believe can best support you. Depending on the Mentor’s preference, you will meet over the phone, at a public space (such as a coffee shop), or via Skype.